About us

About Us

In MalaiKa infused by that adventurous spirit that presides over the brand, we believe in the brotherhood of human beings, which is why we consciously contribute our bit, when we help the needy villages of Africa in collaboration, on many occasions, with the Club Rotary International.

The MalaiKa brand prints and has a lifestyle that was born of our passion and experiences in the world of adventure with our Land Rovers. When we were playing with strollers in the mud when we were little, we dreamed that one day, maybe, we could be the ones who found our vehicles experiencing those same adventures.

Land Rover and adventure are two concepts that linked make up this passion that we carry inside. After many kilometers behind the wheel through deserts, jungles and mountains, MalaiKa was born, from a dream, from an inspiration … MalaiKa is the name and brand behind that chimera, representing a lifestyle that is reflected in the development of innovative pieces for the adventure and personalization of the Defender, our great companion of travel and experiences.

MalaiKa World!

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