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At MalaiKa, full of the adventurous spirit that the name implies, we believe in the kindred spirit of humankind and strive to do our part by bringing help to people in need, wherever they may be. Many times, some in collaboration with Rotary International

Thanks to their aid, we have been able to travel with our Land Rovers to difficult-to-reach villages in Africa, to deliver items such as computers and school supplies to the rural communities, wheelchairs to people with disabilities, clothes and medical supplies.

The satisfying feeling of being able to deliver this aid first-hand is difficult to explain. All the long kilometers over rough roads and through difficult terrain become just that much more enjoyable, knowing the shared happiness and gratitude that awaits at the destination.

When we get in touch with our defender, Land Rover Defender in any part of the world will not have to cross with any other vehicle on the road or outside it that has so much brotherhood and camaraderie. When you meet another defender, there is always an affection in the exchange of health, it is an unchanging tradition that never breaks.


When you encounter another Defender, there is always a friendly wave; it;s an old tradition, a sense of bonding, that will never be broken.  You can travel at ease, knowing that you will always find a helping hand when you cross paths with another Defender–a friend that will more than understand and share that adventurous spirit that all of us have inside.  With the Defender, we develop a bond that goes beyond just car ownership.  Those of us that are lucky enough to have this vehicle are united in a club without sign-up forms or monthly quotas, a society of passionate adventurers, destined to travel to even the most secluded of places.

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