Discover the MalaiKa adventure

A lifestyle born out of the passion for a brand conceived for the adventure.

Malaika, we help you personalize your defender at the same time that we help promote proyects in Africa.

About us?

Since we were children, we have played with little cars in the dirt, dreaming of adventure, hoping that one day we could drive real cars in real adventures. This is the idea that we have secretly been carrying inside us ever since..


At MalaiKa, full of the adventurous spirit that the name implies, we believe in the kindred spirit of humankind and strive to do our part by bringing help to people in need, wherever they may be. Many times, some in collaboration with Rotary International


We have decades of experience bringing these old treasures back to life, icons in the history of the Land Rover brand, giving them another opportunity–greatly enjoying the restoration process itself, as well as being able to admire and drive the final product.

MalaiKa World!

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